Compassion for Life


About Us

We established Naitingel after we identified an increasing number of people who prefer to receive care at home and those who want to remain connected to their communities.

We recognise that everyone is different, hence the services on the platform meet the individual needs of each person.

Naitingel was founded by Siphi Makunike, a registered nurse, specialised in mental health. She has a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years nursing experience of coordinating care both in-hospital and community care settings.

This, combined with her business administration skills and a strong board of directors, is a great asset to the day-to-day operation of the platform and improving user experience.

Siphi recognised the benefits of home-based care, such as: familiarity, peace of mind, less impact on mood and fewer limitations compared to facility-based care, making it a preferred option for many.  


Siphi also realised that access to home-based care and obtaining feedback from services care is often a complex and lengthy process, especially for families who live away from their loved ones. In order to make things easier for these families, she decided to leverage her skills and designed a platform that would bridge the gap in the home and community care market.

The platform offers:

  • Easy and convenient connection with service providers
  • Empowerment of individuals and their families to have control and make choices on the support/care arrangements
  • Transparency of services. Families are engaged throughout the process to contribute, track and monitor support/ care activities online, and by liaising directly with the helper via sms and phone call

Why us?

We are a not-for-profit platform and social responsibility is at the heart of our organisation. Therefore, we commit to  providing our community members value through convenient access to community-based support services. We also reinvest our profits towards improving the quality and expanding services, to benefit the wider community.

Looking for a helper can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider and it's hard to know where to start.

At Naitingel, we make in-home and community support easy for you.

  • Our qualified health professionals will screen and match you with helpers who are suitably qualified and experienced to meet your needs and preferences
  • Our helpers go through a rigorous vetting process, receive training and they are carefully selected for your safety and compatibility
  • We take the burden off you by matching you with a selection of appropriate candidates and setting standard and negotiable prices for services. You won't be overwhelmed by searching hundred's of helper profiles charging different prices for the same service
  • You remain in control and be able to choose services you want, as well as when those services are delivered and by whom
  • We ensure that your helper is equiped with tools to deliver appropriate care or support based on your help or support plans
  • Our platform has smart technological tools that allow collaboration between stakeholders involved in your care- for efficiency, monitoring and transparency

Our Philosophy

At Naitingel we believe in ‘compassion for life’ and we do more than 'just connect' our Members with Providers online. We aim to facilitate safe, consistent, and transparent services for our Members. The platform caters for people from all walks of life.


Our Mission and Values

Naitingel exists to facilitate streamlined access and delivery of in-home and community-based support services for individuals and their families. This helps promote independence, improve the quality of life, and ensure individuals remain in their preferred environment and communities for as long as possible.

  • We serve our community members with respect and in an ethical manner
  • We treat people with care, compassion and preserve their dignity
  • Safety, quality and transparency are our priority
  • We strive to provide peace of mind to individuals and their families