Compassion for Life


About Us

Naitingel delivers home and community support services.

We established Naitingel after we identified an increasing number of people who prefer to receive care at home and want to remain connected to their communities.


Naitingel is led by compassionate individuals and with a wealth of knowledge and experience in coordinating care both in-hospital, and community care settings.

This, combined with their business administration skills and a strong board of directors, is a great asset to the day-to-day operation of the business and improving user experience. 

Using our professional expertise enhances the supports we deliver. We also carefully select our workers, and we work closely with other teams, and families to achieve best care health and social outcomes for individuals.

This approach has enabled us to deliver services with great impact.



What we do

Social responsibility is at the heart of our organisation. Therefore, we commit to deliver value to community members and organisations through partnerships that enable us to facilitate quality and transparent community-based support services.

We know that choosing a service can be daunting and filled with uncertainly. Hence we take time to understand your needs and tailor your supports.

  • We conduct a robust intake process
  • We match you with workers suitable for your requirements
  • We continuously review the efficacy of your supports

Our Vision

To be a community service provider of choice helping individuals thrive.


Our Mission

To coordinate and deliver effective supports  for individuals to achieve their goals and live a meaningful life.


Our Values

  • We serve our community members with respect and in an ethical manner
  • We treat people with care, compassion and preserve their dignity
  • Safety, quality and transparency are our priority
  • We strive to provide peace of mind for our clients